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Hastings' Chariots can provide custom engineering, machine shop and fabrication services for your aerospace project. Our custom eningeering can include elecectronics, software, telemetry, hydraulics, high pressure gas, propellants, controls and more.
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Aerospace research and development.
Specializing in liquid rocket propulsion, automation
and microgravity research.
The Hastings' Chariots team in front of the Crew Module for the Abort Flight Test at White Sands Missile Range. Part of the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle development. (Photo courtesy NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.)
- Liquid Rocket Engine, 1000 lbs Thrust
- Rocket Engine Test Stand, for Liquid or Solid
- Quick Access Rocket Exhaust (QARE) system
Photo courtesy of NASA.
- Cold Gas Thruster
- Orion Avionics Ring